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In this section we will provide you with history information about sodas from the past and display for you retro items and products in our museum.

Here is just one example of what will be added to this section of our Website.

Do you remember seeing trucks like this one making local deliveries of sodas to your local grocer? This, currently in the process of being completely rebuilt, is our Retro Soda Delivery Truck. When finished, it will look like this.

Orca Beverage Soda Delivery Truck.

Goody Soda Pop

Orca Beverage now manufactures 4 flavors of the original Goody brand.

A Goody Soda Story.

We were contacted by Leilani (Olson) Davis, who shared a story about her father, Donald Olson…
“Our dad worked for Northside Beverage as a distributor for Goody Root Beer during the late 40’s and 50’s. He built a pop stand for us so we could sell the Goody Pop at the fairs they held at North Commons Park during the summer months. I believe we sold the pop for 10 cent tickets. We had a couple of 198 gallon steel tanks, filled to the brim Four flavors of the Goody Soda Brandwith ice and all the flavors that Goody offered.  My favorite was the Goody Root Beer. When the ticket box started getting full, us kids would help ourselves to the tickets and use them for the Ferris wheel, merry-go-round and other rides at the fair. Dad never made much money with that stand, but we made a lot of good memories and had a lot of fun.”
All the Olson kids – Working the ”Pop Stand” – Rusty, Bonnee, Lorraine (waving), Leilani, Baby Zelle, Rocco & Mother (Susie). The Olson sisters today – Zelle, Leilani, Lorraine and Bonnee.