Orca Beverage Soda Co.

Americana Honey Lime Ginger Ale - 12 pack


If the name didn't already give it away, Americana, this line of retro soda flavors harkens to the simpler times of soda fountains, sock hops and 5 cent sodas. While we can't bring back the 5 cent soda, we've tried our best to recreat the taste of classic American flavors. This Ginger Ale gives you the perfect mixture of lime and honey which brings the ginger to a new level. The flavor stays in your mouth, then sneaks up and gives you a spicy afternote that lingers as all flavors blend together. For the ginger lover, this distinctively different soda is made with pure cane sugar and bottled in long neck glass bottles at our facility in Mukilteo, WA.

A 12 pack delivered.