It is EASIER to purchase a 4 Pack of soda than a single bottle.
Orca produces 4 packs for most of its brands of soda.
An Orca 4 Pack of soda is EASIER to carry out
Customers PREFER 4 Packs.
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Vintage 4 Packs.

Why just sell one bottle of soda? A 4-Pack is easier for a customer to carry out.

Our program is spreading across the country with a number of retailers setting up premium Vintage Soda Sections. It is a feel good category and we want the retailer to have access to all the tools to make this a quick turn profitable section.

If you would like to discuss opportunities in the premium Vintage Glass Bottle Soda category, call Jan Tenzler, National Sales Manager, at 425-349-5655 or Charles Funk, National Pallet Program Director,

Down Load Our 4 Pack Product Line Card in PDF Format.

Down Load Our 4 Pack Line Card